I enjoy drinking wine and I enjoy buying wine to drink at auction.  I was hooked after walking over to Skinner’s offices outside the Park Plaza in Boston after work and being a part of my first live wine auction.  The glossy catalog in my hands, the chance to get bottles of wine that they just didn’t have at the local package store, the rush when bidding against that guy across the room, and, probably most importantly, the free champagne and brie that kept coming.

Excitement from my first purchases was almost immediately dimmed, though, when the truth of the buyer’s premium turned my steal into an iffy deal.  I felt like a rube, but I realized that if I did a bit research and looked at the patterns, I could get real deals, even when accounting for all of the hidden costs.  And now that I’m gathering all this info, it seems a shame not to share it, so that’s why Wine Auction Spy was born.

I hope you find it useful and interesting, and don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail with suggestions, comments, or just to say hi at josh [at] wineauctionspy.com.

– Josh

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