About the Hart Davis Hart Wine Auction in March 2010

14 May

Chicago sommelier and wine blogger who goes by the nom de blog of Windy City Wine Guy has an atmospheric post about the Hart Davis Hart (“HRH”) wine auction back in March, available here:


Worth checking out to get a feel for what it’s like to attend a professional wine auction in person.  Of course, it appears that our friendly blogger may have gotten a set up from the wine director of the restaurant where the HRH auction was held, called TRU, who poured Bordeaux and Burgundy for him.  And, if I’m reading it right, the wine director comped him the $75 lunch buffet too, which he describes as “an awesome spread which included a large selection of seafood like crab legs, jumbo shrimp, raw oysters, octopus and roasted halibut, along with premium cheeses, beef tartare, sliced veal, beet salad and crepes.”

Yes, I’m jealous.  Even if he paid, I’m still jealous.  If you and the TRU wine director want to invite the Wine Auction Spy for the next HRH auction on 26 June (not that I checked or anything), you just let me know Windy City Wine Guy.

Maybe I’ll preview that June HRH auction, just to see what I’m going to miss.

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